A freelance or contract copywriter may seem like a superfluous expense, especially if you’re on a tight budget. However, there is a sensible business case for hiring experts to save you money in the longer term.

Think about it: you hire an accountant to do your books every year, and you probably also contract to several other companies such as cleaners, call centres, and even business development consultants. So why not hire experts for content?

Think Anyone Can Write? Think Again!

It is easy to assume everyone knows how to write. This is a very wrong assumption to make. Yes, technically, any educated adult can construct sentences, but can they create them with imaginative flair, in a way which forces the reader to pay attention?

Writers have skills for hire just like any other specialist. We can take your messaging, products, branding and aims, and turn them into compelling copy. Even more, we can save you thousands of pounds in the long term.

You aren’t tied into any business taxes with a contract copywriter as you employ them on a pay-as-you-go basis. No holiday pay is required, nor sick pay, and you’re not tied into an ongoing contract: you hire a writer when you need one -so you won’t have someone twiddling their thumbs on your dime while they wait for a project to come up.

A freelance copywriter could save your business thousands of pounds

Time Saved = Money In The Bank

A freelance writer has a specific skill set which is probably not present on your current workforce. They can play with words and turn basic copy into must-read material.

How often have you found that your regular blog schedule so eagerly implemented a few months ago has fallen by the wayside? Your staff body probably doesn’t have the time for core duties, let alone to fit in creative writing sessions to build website traffic.

Think of the way an accountant saves you a lot of time and money in the long term: they have a specific skill set so they can work at a much faster pace than, for example, an administrator roped in to help with the year end reports. The time saved also saves you money, and this is also true for great content.

Writers are able to significantly increase your website traffic by providing interesting website copy, whether in the form of revamped pages or regular blogs. They can also improve your print advertising campaigns by creating attractive straplines and advertorials. More importantly, it is their job to ensure copy is error-free.

Spending a lot of money on promotional material such as flyers and emails is pointless if there are errors. It reflects poorly on your company if you send out material with mistakes on it – but let’s face it, this can easily happen with time-pushed staff only giving a passing glance at sign-off.

These mistakes are costly, both in terms of reprints and company reputation. Hiring an expert means you can rest assured that errors won’t occur even well before the time for sign-off comes. Freelance writers are eagle-eyed, spelling and grammar freaks, who love to nitpick and make sure everything is perfect.

Hire A Copywriter To Make Money

When it comes down to it, writers make you money.

They improve your content output, boost your reputation, impress potential customers, and increase traffic to your website and products. Hiring a freelance writer for a few days or weeks pays off dividends in the long run, supporting your business as the short term savings acquired by using contract workers tie in with the boosted profits gained from higher quality content.


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