Or: Why Your SEO Needs to Include Product Descriptions

What’s in a hundred words? Well, the decision to place something in your online basket, that’s what.

Product descriptions are essential for any e-commerce site. Even if you don’t have an online store, a product brochure with great descriptions will encourage a customer to contact you to place an order.

However, to change the decision from ‘browse’ to ‘buy’, there’s one vital thing your product descriptions need to do:

Every product description needs to sell the solution to a customer’s problem.

That means you need to talk about the WHY of a product as much as the HOW.

There is little point in listing the top-of-the-range facts and figures about your product if you don’t explain how these things make it better than any other product out there.

You also need to use words that people will be searching for. Think about your customer persona: who are they? What would they type into a search bar? 

Keyword research is vital for good product descriptions. You need to know what your competitors are doing to snare customers into buying from them instead of you. You also need to know which keywords are going to cost you more, and what variations you can use to lower your cost per click and raise your conversion rate. 

(This is all coming up in detail in a future SEO blog – keep your eyes peeled).

Turn Essential Details Into Must-Have-It-Now Copy

Keyword research is vital for writing product descriptions that convert
It’s time for a little research…

Customers will want to know the main features of a product, but a good writer will be able to turn basic elements into a must-have item.

Let’s say you sell ovens, for example.

Here’s one description:

This electric oven has four hob rings, an interior light, a grill, and two shelves.

Doesn’t excite me, how about you?

Here’s the same oven:

Four hob rings of varying sizes hold every pan in your home kitchen range.

The electric controls make it easy to program the temperature and set a timer so you’ll never burn your best bake again.

Keep an eye on your Yorkshire puddings without risking a collapse: peek through the window and see them in their puffy glory thanks to the LED energy-saving interior light.

Christmas dinner is a breeze with the OvenMax 3000: the extra space gained with a removable second shelf means two pans sit side-by-side so you can fit in everything in one go.

You’ll notice this description is much longer but it still contains the essential information.

More than that, it poses solutions to common problems. Customers will be able to visualise their problem solved with the OvenMax 3000 because you’re already showing them the image they need to think about.

Whether it’s peering through to check if a pudding has risen or managing Christmas dinner for twelve, your customer will be thinking of your oven as more than an essential item: it becomes a solution for their problem.

A longer description also helps your SEO. Once you know what your customers are looking for, and the type of language they use to reach your website, you can use this to inform your descriptions and boost organic traffic.

For example, if you sell ovens specifically to customer personas with large families on a medium household income, an ‘oven that fits Christmas dinner’ is something they might search for. 

Use your Google Analytics to look at the language your customers use to reach your website. Then, reflect this in your product descriptions.

Some businesses may not want such flowery copy: you still need to do your research, though. If you sell, for example, screwdrivers to contractors, you need to be able to show why your screwdriver is different to all of the others out there.

Instead of: ‘Screwdriver. Cross head. Steel.’

Try: ‘Non-slip rubber handle for improved grip. Suitable for screws of all sizes. Magnet tip to aid placement and grip. LED light to see in dark corners.’

Same screwdriver, same customers, more sales.

If all of this keyword research sounds like you’d rather boil your own eyeballs, let’s chat. I can help. 


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