A freelance writer may have specialist sectors. This is where they will specialise in one or a handful of areas.

This doesn’t mean they can’t (or won’t) write for other business sectors.

It does mean that, if your business provides one of these services, you’re going to be working with a writer who already has extensive background knowledge.

Hire a copywriter with experience to save you time, and significant money, in the long run.

Specialist Sectors at Thorpe Writing Services

I have a few specialist writing niches. I’m always open to finding more specialist sectors, but these are the current industries with many samples available on request.

Finance, Insurance, and Information Guidance Services

I have extensive experience creating content for service-based clients that relies on a high degree of accuracy and neutrality. I’ve been writing financial, mortgage, insurance, and legal advice for several years, and understand the unique compliance challenges faced by professional service providers.

I’m also a champion for plain English, and enjoy turning technical jargon into content that’s easy for anybody to understand.

Digital Marketing, SEO, and Writing

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many copywriters just deliver the words without knowing how it works with digital marketing strategies.

I’ve been a digital marketer for the last decade. Heck, I remember when MySpace was cool and you had to wait for your university to join Facebook before you could sign up.

I like to write about writing, and how that works with the latest digital marketing strategies. It’s my jam.

HR, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship

 Handshake to show business management, HR, and entrepreneurship specialist sector of Thorpe Writing Services

An area of personal interest, I’ve been writing for HR and business management clients for ten years. 

This includes subjects such as talent acquisition and retention, startup growth, and business productivity tips. I also look at staff motivation, mental health in the workplace, and leadership.

I have also written extensively for business software services, such as accounting software and ERP systems. 

Health, Wellbeing, and Fitness

A woman working out to illustrate health, wellbeing, and fitness as specialist sectors for Thorpe Writing Services

From how to lose weight the healthy way to writing press releases for personal training courses, I’ve covered it.

A year on the editorial team at a medical charity, with peer-reviewed papers, developed my interest in health writing. I have also worked with clinicians to help service users with addiction services and mental health.

I do not, however, write about or endorse anything that is classed as a ‘research chemical’, has no scientific evidence for efficacy, or encourages unhealthy behaviours.

CBD, Vaping, and Cannabis-Based Medicine

CBD oil, vaping, and cannabis-based medicine are specialist sectors for Thorpe Writing Services

Controversial in the UK, perhaps, but I have been writing for CBD oil producers and retail outlets based in the United States for several years. With changing legislation in Canada and the UK, this market is now one of the fastest-growing specialist sectors.

I also have a client currently undertaking medical marijuana research studies and retail clients in the United States and Canada. 

In a similar bracket, I’ve been writing for several vaping and e-juice clients who request regular blogs for their e-commerce websites to drive sales. 

 I use written resources, market research, and personal interviews to create interesting and engaging content. I do not sample the merchandise.

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